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Liz Newman

Liz Newman Massage Therapist

liz-p1Liz is a part-time massage therapist in Dublin Therapeutic Massage Clinic. She has been working as a massage therapist since 2018. She has diplomas in Holistic Massage, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy, Onsite Massage, Stone therapy massage and Reflexology. She also has completed Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Practitioner training with Lomi Lomi Ireland.

Liz left the corporate world after 15 years of hard grind, realising that being stress and having a sore body the majority of the time was not a way of living. Reevaluating her life, she began to think about her values, way of living and decided her career path was not in line with who she was. This brought her to Blackrock Further Education where she began training to be a holistic therapist. Having being brought up in a holistic environment her whole life and wanting to help people be the best they can, she found herself at home. She also had the opportunity to train as a Lomi Lomi practitioner with Lomi Lomi Ireland during this time and found her deep inner flow. “I found myself and my place in the world.”

“I offer holistic massage, focusing on protecting, maintaining and restoring your health. I believe in a holistic approach to massage, taking into account a person’s whole being and not just physical symptoms. Through my work, I hope to restore a sense of equilibrium within the client and leave them feeling completely relaxed and restored by relieving aches and pains and offering time, space and support to encourage an overall sense of wellbeing.”

When she finished college, she went on to work for herself and with Solas massage proving onsite massages in the corporate sector. Coming from the corporate sector originally, she knew only too well the stress and the physical toll of sitting at a desk can have on a person’s body. She was delighted to be giving much-needed peace and care to people that needed it.


Liz Newman

Liz is a part-time therapist at Dublin Therapeutic Massage Clinic.