Dublin Therapeutic Massage Clinic

COVID-19 Response Plan June 2020

(reviewed and updated January 2022)



1. Introduction

Dublin Therapeutic Massage Clinic has drawn up this document to highlight the steps we have taken to ensure the health and safety of all our clients and our therapists. We do take our responsibilities in relation to COVID-19 seriously and prioritise the health and safety of our clients and their families.

1.1 Summary of new protocols

  • All clients will receive an email or text the day before treatment for a COVID-19 screening form. Treatment will not go ahead if this is not complete prior to the appointment. If there is any difficulty with this link, clients are asked to contact the clinic.
  • We are required by government guidelines for COVID-19, to share names and phone numbers, with the HSE and relevant authorities, of anyone in our clinic at a time when a suspected or confirmed case is brought to our attention. No other details will be shared. By booking and attending for a treatment, you are agreeing to this.
  • All clients agree to contact our practice if they become symptomatic within 14 days of attending our clinic or get a diagnosis of COVID-19.
  • To limit time in the clinic, pre-payment options will be available for appointments either over the phone or through our website.
  • On arrival at our clinic clients should use the bell and make their way to the third floor.
  • Clients will be provided with a face mask to be worn while on site. They will be asked to sanitise their hands on arrival in the clinic.
  • Clients will be made aware of good hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene and have facilities to enable these practices.
  • It will be necessary not to arrive more than 5 minutes before any appointment as clients cannot be permitted to enter prior to this.
  • Clients will be asked to attend alone, unless the client is a minor or vulnerable adult, in which case the guardian will also be required to go through the above process.


The following sections will cover key information and actions, which will be backed up by the checklists below. They are as follows:

Section 2:       Risk Assessment (Health & Safety Statement)

Section 3:       Increased Control Measures to manage COVID-19

Section 4:       Induction & Training

Section 5:       Dealing with a suspected case of COVID-19

Section 6:       Cleaning & Disinfection

Section 7:       Staff


2. Risk Assessment

The risk assessment for Dublin Therapeutic Massage Clinic was developed through the Government BeSmart Program. This document identifies the risks and hazards for the business both in general and specific to COVID-19 and identifies the measures required to ensure the health & safety of staff and customers alike. Please see attached Safety Statement developed for full details.


3. Increased Control Measures to Manage COVID-19

The planning and preparing phase is critical to ensure a safe return to work and covers such items as information and guidance, return-to-work forms, identifying and putting in place control measures and updating our safety statements, risk assessments and emergency plans. See Check List 1 for completed Check-sheet.


3.2      Therapy Clinic

Up until 23rd March 2020, 2 therapists operated out of the business Alana Digan and Rachel Chambers (owners). The main features of this business were:

  • Appointments were booked at the same time when 2 therapists were in.
  • A range of therapeutic appointments were available including massage, hot stone massage, facial, reflexology and reiki.
  • Appointments were booked with 15 min in-between each for cleaning and linen management and lunch half way through the day
  • Client clothing rested on chair or hung on back of door and on floor for shoes during appointment
  • Data collection was contact details, an initial medical history, consultation of what was needed on that day and treatment notes for the day.
  • End of Day cleaning was carried out on all equipment and areas


Planning for reopening

  • Therapy Room / Reception & Toilet Facilities have been deep cleaned before reopening.
  • All equipment and surfaces were cleaned and sanitised.
  • Risk assessment carried out and hazards identified / cleaning procedure developed with increased hygiene protocols due to COVID-19.
  • Extra linens purchased
  • New Pedal bins provided in spaces as required.
  • Stocking of New PPE as required by our risk assessment.
  • Online payment facilities added to when booking an appointment through our website. Refund policies also updated for cancellations.  Our Policy regarding payment for No Shows has been updated too.


Control Measures

  • Treatment rooms have been assessed to insure all equipment can be sanitised readily between clients.
  • Areas where clothing is placed will be prioritised for cleaning between clients.


Linen Management

  • Freshly washed and ironed linen for each client will be placed on top of the plinth cover (This includes top sheet, mop cap to cover face cradle and if required towel.)
  • All towels, sheets and other clean materials are stored in cupboards until needed for new client.
  • At the end of each appointment, linen will be folded into itself based on best practice guidelines from ANMPT and IMTA and placed in closed laundry for storage prior to washing – All laundry will be washed as soon as possible. This also includes staff uniforms.


Cleaning & Hygiene

  • All clients will be provided with a mask on entering the building and will be required to wear it for the duration of the appointment. Face shields are available as an alternative for clients. This protocol aims to help minimise the risk of spread of COVID-19 and follows best practice guidelines for physical contact between therapist and client.
  • Respect for social distancing rules on the premises and outside the clinic will be required.
  • Rooms will be cleaned, sanitised and ventilated between each client.
  • Areas such as door handles, light switches, toilet handles will be disinfected before & after each client.
  • Sanitiser will be available for use in the toilet.
  • Clients are asked not to bring any unnecessary personal possessions and come ready for appointment.


 Contact Tracing

 ALL Clients will be required to complete a COVID-19 declaration form before each appointment.

  • Client’s details will be shared with relevant authorities regarding contact tracing should an issue arise in the clinic.
  • Clients are asked to contact the clinic if they should develop any symptoms relating to or tested positive for COVID-19 up to 14 days post attending the clinic.


Appointment Structure & Times / Numbers / Payment

  • Clients are required to STAY HOME if feeling unwell, have had a positive antigen or PCR test or are a close contact, in accordance with HSE guidelines.
  • Clients are required to complete a COVID screening form prior to every visit. If this form highlights any issues, clients will be required to STAY HOME. As long as the clinic is notified of this change and cancellation of the appointment, a full refund will be issued.
  • To limit time in the clinic, pre-payment options will be available for appointments either over the phone or through our website. Any refunds due will be done via method of original payment.
  • Therapist’s time slots have been staggered as much as possible to ensure minimal contact between clients.
  • Clients who have had COVID-19 will only be seen when they are completely symptom free.
  • All paperwork will be filed as per current GDPR guidelines and policy document.


 4. Induction & Training


4.1      Training

The therapists have undertaken the following training in preparation for re-opening

  • Record of Achievement – COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control (WHO)
  • Record of Achievement – Emerging Respiratory viruses, including COVID-19 – methods for detection, prevention, response, and control (WHO)
  • Record of Achievement – eProtect Respiratory Infections (WHO)
  • Record of Achievement – Occupational Health and Safety for health workers in the context of COVID-19
  • Return to Business (COVID) – Employer – (Peninsula)
  • Return to Business (COVID) – Employee – (Peninsula)


4.2      Systems to keep up to date with Government Guidelines

Dublin Therapeutic Massage Clinic will continue to keep updated with current legislation and regulations to ensure our own safety and that of clients.

We will check in regularly with www.gov.ie and www.hse.ie and www.who.int to keep informed and update documents and practice as appropriate.


5. Dealing with a suspected case of COVID-19

 In the case of a client becoming ill with a suspected case of COVID-19 Alana Digan or Rachel Chamber is the dedicated person appointed to respond and co-ordinate the matter.

  • Symptoms to be on the lookout for:
    • A new cough – this can be a dry cough or a productive (bringing up phlegm) cough
    • Shortness of breath
    • Breathing difficulties
    • Fever (a high temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or above on a thermometer)
    • Runny nose
    • Sore throat
    • Loss of taste / smell
    • Nausea and diarrhoea
  • The designated area for a person to go will be inside a treatment room – no other person will have contact at this time and the therapist will remain a strict 2 metres from the person
  • Windows will be opened in the treatment room.
  • Arrangements will be made for a speedy and safe removal home.
  • A first aid bag will be prepared and ready on site for use in this situation – The first aid bag will include:
    • sealed pack of tissues
    • plastic bag for disposal
    • mask
    • gloves
    • zip lock bag containing alcohol wipes
    • bottle of water
  • GP Contact will be made and advice on how to respond / proceed taken from health care professionals.
  • NSAI Guidelines will be followed for deep cleaning and preparation for the building to be re-opened
  • Contact Tracing log sheet will be provided to health care professionals as required.
  • After the event an incident report form from the health and safety document will be completed and a file prepared outlining event and contact tracing and this will be available as required by contact tracing teams.


6. Cleaning & Disinfection


6.1      Cleaning & Decluttering

During the lockdown period when the business was closed a deep clean and a risk assessment on cleaning of necessary items took place. All unnecessary items have been removed or relocated.

6.2      Development of Cleaning Procedure & Check-sheet

A risk assessment and cleaning procedure has been developed for the whole building by the landlord, which includes the hallway, stairs, entrance and toilets. Dublin Therapeutic Massage Clinic have carried out risk assessments and updated cleaning procedures for the clinic rooms, reception and office space.


7. Staff

The therapists will self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 every day including regular antigen tests.  They will take their temperatures every day.

They will be vigilant for the wide range of symptoms including most common symptoms.

Should the therapists develop a temperature or symptoms of illness, test positive on an antigen or PCR test, or be a close contact, all appointments will be cancelled and they will self-isolate in accordance to HSE guidelines.

Strict hand hygiene and cough etiquette will be adhered to and a mask worn during all appointments.

Outside of the work environment our therapists will be vigilant in social distancing and hygiene.