We focus on understanding you and your pain, injury, stress and health concerns, on working with you and other healthcare professionals to treat those concerns and give you the tools to maintain and manage the improvements gained in your treatment.

Why choose a Dublin Therapeutic Massage Clinic therapist as your therapist?

We ensure all our therapists are qualified in at least sports massage including a firm understanding of myofascial release, orthopaedic massage and body mechanics, combined with other holistic treatments such as lymph drainage massage, relaxation full body massage, reflexology, aromatherapy and Reiki. All our therapists are always updating their training and skills, to bring you the best treatment possible. This means that all our therapists are well rounded and able to assist you in optimizing your health. Our therapists are all fully insured and are members of Irish Massage Therapists Association and Irish Reflexology Institute Ltd. as relevant, so you can claim money back through your health insurers.

Our belief in Self-Care, Personal Responsibility and Personal Power

Our focus puts your health and well-being at the core of our clinic, but more importantly we want to give you the tools and coping mechanisms to maintain this improvement and move forward on your own.