Dublin Therapeutic Massage Clinic

Dame Street, Dublin 2

Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage Treatments – Holistic Health  – Pregnancy and Fertility Treatments – Relaxation Treatments

We focus on understanding you and your pain, injury, stress and health concerns, on working with you and other healthcare professionals to treat those concerns and give you the tools to maintain and manage the improvements gained in your treatment.

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Health Insurance

Our therapists are members of the Irish Massage Therapists Association and Irish Reflexology Institute Ltd. and recognised by health insurers for massage and reflexology. Check your policy to see if you can claim up to €50 back on your treatments. Irish Life Health recognises us for massage and reflexology. Laya and VHI recognise reflexology only.

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Our Treatments

Deep Tissue Massage –  Sports Massage –  Full Body  Massage–  Reflexology

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