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We hope you are staying healthy, COVID free and doing your best to keep everyone safe.

During the past weeks we have been genuinely touched by the individual clients getting in touch to offer their assistance. As you’ve correctly assumed, every small business forced to temporarily close its doors due to COVID-19 will have ongoing overhead costs to consider, even while closed. Dublin Therapeutic Massage Clinic is no different in this respect. Thank you! Your kind thoughts and support thus far have been really appreciated. Rest assured, we are committed to opening Dublin Therapeutic Massage Clinic as soon as is appropriate and in the best interest of our clients and the wider community!

We acknowledge that many of our clients have found their own circumstances changed due to COVID-19 and would stress that the best support we could receive from you will be to visit us once we re-open.

We feel blessed with the support from our clients. We are looking forward to re-opening as soon as it is safe to do so.

We are creating a waiting list for those clients who wish to get in as early as possible. If you want to be on this list to be contacted first, please email us at info@dtmclinic.ie

In the meantime, while we cannot facilitate treatment, feel free to email us with any queries or concerns and we will do our best to help.

Stay safe, stay healthy

Alana and Rachel


Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage Treatments – Holistic Health  – Pregnancy and Fertility Treatments – Relaxation Treatments

We focus on understanding you and your pain, injury, stress and health concerns, on working with you and other healthcare professionals to treat those concerns and give you the tools to maintain and manage the improvements gained in your treatment.

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Health Insurance

Our therapists are members of the Irish Massage Therapists Association and Irish Reflexology Institute Ltd. and recognised by health insurers for massage and reflexology. Check your policy to see if you can claim up to €50 back on your treatments. Irish Life Health recognises us for massage and reflexology. Laya and VHI recognise reflexology only.

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