Vocal Massage

Vocal Massage Dublin 2
  • TMJ (jaw) massage for TMJ pain
  • Vocal Massage
  • Lymph drainage facial for recovery from illness, surgery or feeling run down
Vocal massage gives specific focus to singers, public speakers and performers, helping to improve breathing function and avoid vocal strain, with the aim of improving vocal performances.

Issues dealt with during Vocal Massage

Vocal strain

Vocal strain is a non-specific term used to describe the symptoms accompanying overuse of the voice. These symptoms may be pain, fatigue, tension due to the recruitment of secondary muscles, changes in tone, pitch or stability of the voice etc. Vocal massage can aid by releasing the tension, reducing the fatigue and treating some of the factors involved in the vocal strain.


Correct, free and easy breathing is essential for optimal vocal performance. Vocal massage can focus on the breathing process, from core stability, to diaphragm and rib mobility and functionality, ensuring full diaphragmatic breathing and better vocal performance.


Physiological changes to the normal breathing pattern can happen with asthma. Vocal massage can help restore correct function and diaphragmatic breathing, thus aiding the management of asthma and lessening the symptoms.


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Vocal Massage

Specialized massage for singers, public speakers and performers.